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Santa Barbara is the best! Thank You Santa Barbara for our amazing wedding back in june 99. A local bakery (I forget the name??) made the cake and it was and is still the talk of the wedding. Coming back for a few days to celebrate my husbands birthday. I can't thing of anywhere else that is so romantic! — Pati Castro, Palm Springs

I like the integrative changes you have made and the news area gives quick access to a variety of local news sources - Great Job! — Lane Swartz, Santa Barbara

Nice work on these movies, my wife and I are from SB and its good to see our old home town again! I may be interested in being a part of this site . . . — Michael Cohn, Santa Barbara

Nice site! Good local info - Can you enter me into your sblife contest please. I enjoy reading all the information on Santa Barbara! Thanks, Kimberly Sutherland — Kimberly Sutherland, Camarillo

I love the Montecito Journal. It has so much local information and really connects you to Santa Barbara! — Barbara Cogswell, Santa Barbara

My husband and I are from Silicon Valley and use your site all the time when planning trips to Southern California . . . Thanks! — Amy Villaneva, San Jose

Lots of very good info here, thanks! — Steve Dadolf, San Diego

Looked up your site on Yahoo - we’re coming to SB this summer - This site lets us know what we can look forward to! — Sarah Jenkins, Colorado

Thank you Santa Barbara Life! I won 4 tickets to the SB zoo from you in December - what an unexpected pleasure! I look forward to sharing the experience with friends one weekend soon. — Rhonda Bathurst, Santa Barbara

Hello-I am Anita from India. I will be visiting Santa Barbara soon...I need details of hotels, studios, accomodation and rates of the same in SB. Can you send details? Thanks Anita. P.S. Know any good restaurants? — Anita Ramin, India

Hi-I'm a UCSB alum and remember a great place "Cold Springs Tavern" but don't remember how to get there. Could you give me information on the location, menu, and reservation procedures? I remember the place being a cabin, with few tables, and many types of game meats. Also, which wine-tasting vineyards do you recommend? Thanks in Advance, Pam Dirnberger — Pam Dirnberger, Thousand Oaks

Dear SBlife - A TSUNAMI of thanks for your great site!! Lots of super info and a great monthly contest. Just received gift certificates to the Paradise Cafe. As a long time local I actually remember it as La Paloma Cafe! Which according to some Santa Barbara history research opened in 1949. I am so thrilled with the Paradise certificates as well as a cruise on the Condor Express. We will extend our greetings to the dolphins on your behalf. — Claudia Guastad, Montecito

Hello-My name is Livia and I am from Brasil. I'm going live in Santa Barbara in june. I would like to know if it is possible for me play soccer while I'm in Santa Barbara. I've been playing soccer since I was 10-I'm 19 years now. Is there any possibility? Could you help me, or do you know somebody who can help me? Thank you so much for your attention. Sincerily, Livia Nogueira — Livia Nogueira, Brazil

The photographer has done an excellent and beautiful job of capturing Santa Barbara and the many highlights of our area. — Anne Tetrick, Goleta

You have been such an excellent reference website for friends and clients coming to visit Santa Barbara. Thank you very much for all you years of service! — Chase Enright, Santa Barbara

Wow!! What a great idea to get people to come to your site. I had no idea about this great site. I'm so happy my friend sent this to me to enter in the contest. i will past this on to my friends as well. Thank you. Make me a winner!!!! — Brady Charette, Santa Barbara

Note from Marianna. Thank you so much for the gift certificate for dinner at Cafe Del Sol - It was the most pleasant suprise of the day! Santa Barbara Life contests are GREAT and I really appreciate the gift. — Marianna Mashek, Santa Barbara

Thank you so much for the wonderful prize!  I really do appreciate it and I love your site. — Lynette Ferarri, Montecito

Great site. I told a friend coming to Santa Barbara to check out your site. It gives info on everything to see and do. — J. Smith, San Luis Obispo

Hello - This is an interesting web site . . . I am interested in being a vendor at the Sunday arts and crafts show. Please forward this to the appropriate person or e-mail me any information I may need. Thank you, Steve Leisenring — Steve Leisenring, San Luis Obispo

Nice Site-About how far of a drive is Ojai to Santa Barbara? Ben Rose, Director Chowan County DSS Edenton, NC — Ben Rose, North Carolina

I use this site alot. Especially when friends come to town - thanks. — Louise House, Santa Barbara

Dear Santa Barbara Life and Harold -- How excited I was to be a winner of McConnell's Ice Cream gift cards. Thank you very much for the treat my two friends and and I enjoyed. McConnell's flavors are so refreshing on a hot day ! — Marika Davidek, Santa Barbara

My husband and I love to visit Santa Barbara every couple of months. He went to school in the area and it's aways a thrill to get away from the busy Orange County life to see your exciting and peaceful town. — Judy Estrin, Orange County

Hi, I am editor of a gardening magazine (Landscaping Your Backyard) which sells throughout Australia & New Zealand. I also write books and magazine articles for various publishers. I will be travelling from L.A to San Francisco this year collecting information & taking photos for magazines, books etc. which I write in Australia. My wife photographs for my publications & will be with me. We are looking for gardens to write up in our Garden Travel pages. Can you assist in any way? John Mason-Australian Correspondence Schools — John Mason, Australia

Thanks for providing the info on this site. Enjoyed wandering and learning. Fairly new to area and interesting to find what is available that we have not seen. — Dale Wilcox, Carpinteria

Ramada Santa Barbara is my favorite Santa Barbara hotel with its lovely lagoons where you can feed the ducks turtles and koi. — Kether Johnson, Santa Barbara

Great Site! I am looking for special events to include in a trip for seniors. I am considering New Years. Your Hotel and Restaurant info is helpful - Thanks! — Ann Conger, Santa Cruz

Wowza! What a stellar surprise it was to open the Grand Prize Giveaway a few days ago! I laughed freely and danced around telling friends and family of this wonderful gift! Thank you so much! I’m stoked to enjoy the Zoo with friends, the Wine Tour with my brother who is in the SBCC Culinary Program, and the special Eagle Inn getaway with my sister! Santa Barbara never ceases to amaze me! Winning this prize from Santa Barbara Life will be a great story to share for years to come! — Meg Wolfgram, Santa Barbara

Terrific videos on your site! I found the clips easily, forwarded your web address to several friends. It will be viewed in Wales, UK for sure. I especially love the Summer Solstice parade clip. The motion is inherent in the subject and the myriad of colors caught my eyes. Great job. Well done site. Meryl Wieder — Meryl Wieder, Wales