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This is great! I want to thank you for your valuable information. I want to visit Santa Barbara and have been looking for a guide on where to stay a few days and, of course, where to have a meal. Not just to eat, but a place where you can enjoy the food & the service. Your site provided several options with enough details to do this. In the process I found many other points of interest. What else is a vacation for? I will recomend to my friends whenever they visit your lovely city. — Ebrahim Nuban, Thousand Oaks

Dear Santa Barbara Life: Wahoo! Thank you in advance for the overnight stay at Casa Del Mar and the Louie's gift certificates. What a wonderful surprise to be named the winner in this month's SBLIFE Contest! My friends call me the assistant Mayor of Santa Barbara since I am always touting our town's wonderful events, restaurants, museums, beach, mountains and anything else Santa Barbara. Now, with your site, I can send them the link instead of all the separate links I used to do for Solstice, Fiesta and all the other fabulous events we have here. I LOVE my town and could not think of anywhere else I'd like to live, work, or play. — Debbie Garvin, Santa Barbara

Wow! Very Nice! My name is Gilles and I run a small catering co. in Tarzana. I will be moving my business to Santa Barbara and was looking at some types of on-line advertising in your area. Please contact me with pricing info. Thanks - Your site looks fantastic!! — Gilles Dirat, Tarzana

Hi, I saw your web site and I think it looks very nice! I am looking for a Bareboat sail boat charter in May. Do you know any charter companies that can help me? Thank you. Bob Daniel — Bob Daniel, Simi Valley

I am a downtown organization volunteer for Santa Barbara and refer to your site regularly for any updates and places to eat, stay, visit and see - Keep up the good work Santa Barbara Life! — Stephanie Torres, Santa Barbara

It's been awhile . . . I just re-visited your website a I LOVE the upgrades! The photos are so beautiful and it's quite expanded from my last visit - Really great job!! — Muffy Barnard, Summerland

I love the Montecito Journal. It has so much local information and really connects you to Santa Barbara! — Barbara Cogswell, Santa Barbara

Good afternoon! I thoroughly enjoy your Santa Barbara website. In fact with your permission I'd like to link my wife's Re/Max Real Estate website to the Santa Barbara Life site. In my opinion Santa Barbara Life is the best area website I've seen to date. Congratulations! Lee Burckhardt — Lee Burckhardt, Santa Ynez

I love SBLife! It's such a great place to find stuff for the family to do! — Gwyneth Ramirez, Santa Barbara

Ramada Santa Barbara is my favorite Santa Barbara hotel with its lovely lagoons where you can feed the ducks turtles and koi. — Kether Johnson, Santa Barbara

I just received the November Montecito Journal prize in the mail and was delighted to be a winner! I am fairly new to the SB area so am still learning and discovering the many amazing opportunities available here. I have been wanting to go on a whale watching tour, so I'll totally look forward to doing that soon with the certificates you sent. And I know I'll enjoy Max's Restaurant - love Italian! Thank you so much for this wonderful prize. I never win anything, so I'm thrilled. — Maggie Bleeker, Santa Barbara

My favorite moment in Santa Barbara was during the first year my husband and I were married. We were college kids, living in Orange County. And for Spring break, we decided to stay in a sweet little bed and breakfast in Santa Barbara. We had a WONDERFUL time...the whole city and the surrounding area is so beautiful. I think that my favorite part was probably visiting the mission...there is so much history was so intriguing to walk the halls and imagine what life must have been like way back when. — Joanne Haagenson, Los Angeles

Thanks for providing the info on this site. Enjoyed wandering and learning. Fairly new to area and interesting to find what is available that we have not seen. — Dale Wilcox, Carpinteria

Terrific videos on your site! I found the clips easily, forwarded your web address to several friends. It will be viewed in Wales, UK for sure. I especially love the Summer Solstice parade clip. The motion is inherent in the subject and the myriad of colors caught my eyes. Great job. Well done site. Meryl Wieder — Meryl Wieder, Wales


Just found out about you from someone handing out cards at the SB beach art show. I am a vendor there. A committee is being formed to do advertising for the show, I will be sure to put them in the picture about this lovely local site. — Audrey Cawkwell, Santa Barbara

Hello - This is an interesting web site . . . I am interested in being a vendor at the Sunday arts and crafts show. Please forward this to the appropriate person or e-mail me any information I may need. Thank you, Steve Leisenring — Steve Leisenring, San Luis Obispo

Nice to have this online. We spend much of our retirement time in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Ventura. We feel this is our home away from home. — Rita Walls, Los Angeles

Greetings from beautiful Whidbey Island! We’re off the coast of Washington State. Moved here from Santa Barbara 10 years ago. We miss Santa Barbara alot!! Had a house by the mission. We will be down this year. Wanted to touch base and say hi. — Janea Waage, Whidbey Island

Looked up your site on Yahoo - we’re coming to SB this summer - This site lets us know what we can look forward to! — Sarah Jenkins, Colorado

Thanks for making me a big winner for the month! I will certainly enjoy the gift certificate to the Natural Cafe because I love their sandwiches. Your website must be well-read because people have called me to congratulate me! — Laura Romero, Santa Barbara

I voted u best Santa Barbara website-love the photos in all the sections and I love the Eagle Inn too! — T.L. Goldberg, Santa Barbara

Note from Marianna. Thank you so much for the gift certificate for dinner at Cafe Del Sol - It was the most pleasant suprise of the day! Santa Barbara Life contests are GREAT and I really appreciate the gift. — Marianna Mashek, Santa Barbara

Thank you for sending me gift cards to a couple of local restaurants - I look forward to going. It's especially nice because I'm new in town and it offers me a way to get to know the area. — Kelly Parenzuela, Santa Barbara

The photographer has done an excellent and beautiful job of capturing Santa Barbara and the many highlights of our area. — Anne Tetrick, Goleta

Well i went camping there few years ago, we camped by the beach. It was my first time camping and i remenber what a beautiful scenery it was. I had a wonderful time. Marisa Estrada — Marisa Estrada, Oxnard

Well put together - good video pages - nice video editing . . . — Jim Moran, Santa Barbara

Greetings! Nice site - I didn't realize that we had so many unique Santa Barbara Treasures. I guess that I would have to say that my favorite local short movie was the Santa Ynez Valley & Wine Tour. Respectfully, Nancy Starks PS-I love the new look! — Nancy Starks, Carpinteria

Hello-My name is Livia and I am from Brasil. I'm going live in Santa Barbara in june. I would like to know if it is possible for me play soccer while I'm in Santa Barbara. I've been playing soccer since I was 10-I'm 19 years now. Is there any possibility? Could you help me, or do you know somebody who can help me? Thank you so much for your attention. Sincerily, Livia Nogueira — Livia Nogueira, Brazil

Great website I enjoy and use it alot! — Scott Hendren, Santa Barbara