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Very Nice...Do you have info on wineries and Fine Art in your area? — Ann Rice, Santa Cruz

Hello: I lived in Santa Barbara several years ago for about three years...I loved it! It has been my dream to return to Santa Barbara and purchase a condo near the ocean so I can walk once again on that sand! Do you have a listing of condos or real estate info that you might send to me, via e-mail. If so, I look forward to receiving it. Thanks for your help. — Rhonda Pike, Riverside

Santa Barbara has the best Gelato places, theater and concerts - parasailing...Everything! — Shersey Benson, Santa Barbara

I am in charge of arranging a 3 night vacation for 30 older persons (about 60 years to 75 years old). This group is an offshoot of Junior League of San Jose and we have taken these short trips for over 25 years. We are planning to stay on the waterfront and are seeking upscale restaurants, sight seeing, wineries, historical buildings, golf courses, cruises etc. By chance we ran across the Arts and letters Cafe - I will give it a try to be sure it is what we want. I ran across your web site by looking for, "restaurants, Santa Barbara." — Louis Martini, San Jose

Thank you for sending me gift cards to a couple of local restaurants - I look forward to going. It's especially nice because I'm new in town and it offers me a way to get to know the area. — Kelly Parenzuela, Santa Barbara

Wow! Very Nice! My name is Gilles and I run a small catering co. in Tarzana. I will be moving my business to Santa Barbara and was looking at some types of on-line advertising in your area. Please contact me with pricing info. Thanks - Your site looks fantastic!! — Gilles Dirat, Tarzana

Great! I just saw your SB tour movie and it downloaded fast with my cable modem. How did you make the movie - it's soo cute! I congratulate you on a web site that just keeps getting better! — Mary Ostrand, Goleta

Dear Mr. Adams: All I can say is WOW! What a delight to open the mail and find a prize instead of a bill. Your site is really growing and the added news page is one more reason for my frequent visits. I will certainly let all my friends and family know about Santa Barbara Life. — Karen Dillon, Santa Barbara

Thanks so much for this website..All the videos are great and we enter the contest every month..keep our fingers crossed we hope we win! — Lindsay Perez, Santa Barbara

My husband and I love to visit Santa Barbara every couple of months. He went to school in the area and it's aways a thrill to get away from the busy Orange County life to see your exciting and peaceful town. — Judy Estrin, Orange County

Dear SBlife - A TSUNAMI of thanks for your great site!! Lots of super info and a great monthly contest. Just received gift certificates to the Paradise Cafe. As a long time local I actually remember it as La Paloma Cafe! Which according to some Santa Barbara history research opened in 1949. I am so thrilled with the Paradise certificates as well as a cruise on the Condor Express. We will extend our greetings to the dolphins on your behalf. — Claudia Guastad, Montecito

Well put together - good video pages - nice video editing . . . — Jim Moran, Santa Barbara

Great website I enjoy and use it alot! — Scott Hendren, Santa Barbara

Dear Harold & Santa Barbara Life: My daughter and I took the sunset cruise we won in April on Sunday night and boy was it ever AWESOME!! Our captain, Dana was a young man who really knew his stuff with sailing...It was a perfect evening to get out on the water and the sun was just going down when we got back to the dock :-) Thank you again for such a great website and all the hard work you do! And of course thank you for the monthly contest and prizes! I will be sending the SB Sailing Center a nice thank you note as well! — Debbie, Santa Barbara

Enjoying the new layout of the site and all of the wonderful photography displaying the areas of Santa Barbara. I've been using Santa Barbara Life for several years now and the contests are always filled with amazing prizes! — Anna Rowland, Santa Barbara

I am scheduled to be in Santa Barbara during the last week of March for a seminar at the Four Seasons Biltmore. For financial reasons, I will be unable to stay at the Biltmore for the 10 days that I will be in town. Are there any hotels near the Biltmore that you would recommend? Thanks - Howard — Howard Cleveland, San Diego

Hello-My name is Livia and I am from Brasil. I'm going live in Santa Barbara in june. I would like to know if it is possible for me play soccer while I'm in Santa Barbara. I've been playing soccer since I was 10-I'm 19 years now. Is there any possibility? Could you help me, or do you know somebody who can help me? Thank you so much for your attention. Sincerily, Livia Nogueira — Livia Nogueira, Brazil

Hi, I am editor of a gardening magazine (Landscaping Your Backyard) which sells throughout Australia & New Zealand. I also write books and magazine articles for various publishers. I will be travelling from L.A to San Francisco this year collecting information & taking photos for magazines, books etc. which I write in Australia. My wife photographs for my publications & will be with me. We are looking for gardens to write up in our Garden Travel pages. Can you assist in any way? John Mason-Australian Correspondence Schools — John Mason, Australia

Dear Sirs, I would like to say i enjoy your events calendar. — Benoit Gilles, France

I saw an article on your site in the Pacific Coast Business Times - thought I'd check it out - looks great! P.S. I Just entered your limo contest . . . — Jim Thomas, Santa Barbara

First time on your site . . . very nice! I entered your contest for the Eagle Inn prize. I love Santa Barbara - Thanks for offering this great prize! — Harry Gruen, Santa Barbara

I absolutely LOVE your new interface - Looks so professional - Smooth sailing to all on Santa Barbara Life! — C. Zangi Angeli, Santa Barbara

Thank you very much for this site which we found very interesting. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Santa Barbara soon!. Michelle and Denis — Michelle Stoffels, San Jose

Hi, Wondering about a secluded little hideaway in Santa Barbara near the beach. Are there any little spa's or ... Tai Chi centers or?? in the area? Suggestions on where to find? P.S. Looking for something smaller rather than larger, even an outdoor experience in the mountains -- mountainside tents?? — Brenda Gasch, Los Angeles

Thank you Santa Barbara Life! I won 4 tickets to the SB zoo from you in December - what an unexpected pleasure! I look forward to sharing the experience with friends one weekend soon. — Rhonda Bathurst, Santa Barbara

Nice work on these movies, my wife and I are from SB and its good to see our old home town again! I may be interested in being a part of this site . . . — Michael Cohn, Santa Barbara

Thanks for this very attractive site. It's exciting to see the site grow. It is shaping up to be a one-stop info source for Santa Barbara! I enjoy seeing more participation by Santa Barbara businesses (which is bound to happen as the site's value becomes apparent to them) keep it up! — Jay Schmidt, Ventura

Thanks so much for the gift certificates from Petrini's and the Santa Barbara Sailing Center. I was surprised to receive them in the mail yesterday. I love using SBLIFE online and reading the Montecito Journal. My wife and friends have been regular advertisers for a while with great results. Keep those presses humming and thanks very much for your thoughtfulness! — Jim King, Montecito

I am a downtown organization volunteer for Santa Barbara and refer to your site regularly for any updates and places to eat, stay, visit and see - Keep up the good work Santa Barbara Life! — Stephanie Torres, Santa Barbara

I like the integrative changes you have made and the news area gives quick access to a variety of local news sources - Great Job! — Lane Swartz, Santa Barbara