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My favorite moment in Santa Barbara was during the first year my husband and I were married. We were college kids, living in Orange County. And for Spring break, we decided to stay in a sweet little bed and breakfast in Santa Barbara. We had a WONDERFUL time...the whole city and the surrounding area is so beautiful. I think that my favorite part was probably visiting the mission...there is so much history was so intriguing to walk the halls and imagine what life must have been like way back when. — Joanne Haagenson, Los Angeles

Nice work on these movies, my wife and I are from SB and its good to see our old home town again! I may be interested in being a part of this site . . . — Michael Cohn, Santa Barbara

Nice to have this online. We spend much of our retirement time in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Ventura. We feel this is our home away from home. — Rita Walls, Los Angeles

Dear Santa Barbara Life: We wanted to say THANK-YOU for having sblife and the monthly sweepstakes. As a recent grand prize winner we enjoyed a getaway at the Santa Ynez Inn. The Inn was an absolutely wonderful place to stay! We loved the wine and hors d'oeuvres, evening desserts, gourmet breakfast, whirlpool bath, large-screen TV and beautiful surrounding areas. It was a truly relaxing event for us. We are hoping to spend our anniversaries and special occasions at the Santa Ynez Inn. Thank you for allowing us to experience the luxurious lodging at this unique Inn. — Tom and Lydia Caffrey, San Luis Obispo

Santa Barbara Life is just the name for this wonderful and helpful site! It has helped me out for new places to go and visit. Thanx - I just love this site!It fills us in on any new happenings and new places to visit here in Santa Barbara. — Darlene Lopez, Carpinteria

Nice Site! I have a question: I've heard a lot about the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference. Could you tell me more about it - when? where? how much? Thanks. — Gail Thornhill, Los Angeles

I just received the November Montecito Journal prize in the mail and was delighted to be a winner! I am fairly new to the SB area so am still learning and discovering the many amazing opportunities available here. I have been wanting to go on a whale watching tour, so I'll totally look forward to doing that soon with the certificates you sent. And I know I'll enjoy Max's Restaurant - love Italian! Thank you so much for this wonderful prize. I never win anything, so I'm thrilled. — Maggie Bleeker, Santa Barbara

Thank you . . . . for the passes to the zoo! My 14 year-old son is so excited to go! With me! He has a photography class and we are going to take photos. Just wanted to say thank you for the passes - I love Santa Barbara Life! — Kelley Clay, Santa Barbara

I know a lot of people read your website because I've won twice and lots of people have congratulated me — Laura Motley, Santa Barbara

Hi, I am editor of a gardening magazine (Landscaping Your Backyard) which sells throughout Australia & New Zealand. I also write books and magazine articles for various publishers. I will be travelling from L.A to San Francisco this year collecting information & taking photos for magazines, books etc. which I write in Australia. My wife photographs for my publications & will be with me. We are looking for gardens to write up in our Garden Travel pages. Can you assist in any way? John Mason-Australian Correspondence Schools — John Mason, Australia

I voted u best Santa Barbara website-love the photos in all the sections and I love the Eagle Inn too! — T.L. Goldberg, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is the best! Thank You Santa Barbara for our amazing wedding back in june 99. A local bakery (I forget the name??) made the cake and it was and is still the talk of the wedding. Coming back for a few days to celebrate my husbands birthday. I can't thing of anywhere else that is so romantic! — Pati Castro, Palm Springs

The photographer has done an excellent and beautiful job of capturing Santa Barbara and the many highlights of our area. — Anne Tetrick, Goleta

You have been such an excellent reference website for friends and clients coming to visit Santa Barbara. Thank you very much for all you years of service! — Chase Enright, Santa Barbara

Great website-thanks for the information and the monthly contests-the new layout is a real winner very easy to use — Richard Mosher, Santa Barbara

53 years ago my new husband and I went to Santa Barbara shortly after our honeymoon in Catalina. Being from L.A. we enjoyed shopping in all of the quaint places. We still enjoy our trips there to rekindle our ongoing romance. — Doreen Mickens, Newport Beach

Looked up your site on Yahoo - we’re coming to SB this summer - This site lets us know what we can look forward to! — Sarah Jenkins, Colorado

SB Life has everything I need covering all aspects of culture and fun. I love Santa Barbara and really enjoy all the videos and experiences of this wonderful city. Thanks for the opportunity to see the best of SB! — Xiomara Valdizon, Goleta

Harold - I received my gift certificate to Fresco today! Wow, I was not expecting this, Thank you so much for everything! I am so excited and furthermore Fresco is one of my favorite places . . . Have a fabulous rest of the week! — Teresa Alvaro, Santa Barbara

I have a question, would you happen to know when the whale festival is - I know it's in late march, but would happen to have an actual date?? Also - do you know where i can get information on what types of plants are found in Alice Keck Park? Thanks! — Marie Claire Munnelly, Santa Barbara

Greetings! Nice site - I didn't realize that we had so many unique Santa Barbara Treasures. I guess that I would have to say that my favorite local short movie was the Santa Ynez Valley & Wine Tour. Respectfully, Nancy Starks PS-I love the new look! — Nancy Starks, Carpinteria

Well i went camping there few years ago, we camped by the beach. It was my first time camping and i remenber what a beautiful scenery it was. I had a wonderful time. Marisa Estrada — Marisa Estrada, Oxnard

Nice Site-About how far of a drive is Ojai to Santa Barbara? Ben Rose, Director Chowan County DSS Edenton, NC — Ben Rose, North Carolina

Hi, I saw your web site and I think it looks very nice! I am looking for a Bareboat sail boat charter in May. Do you know any charter companies that can help me? Thank you. Bob Daniel — Bob Daniel, Simi Valley

Santa Barbara has the best Gelato places, theater and concerts - parasailing...Everything! — Shersey Benson, Santa Barbara

Hey, this site looks awesome, lots of info and videos too!! I can see you put a lot of effort into this directory - I wish other cities had something like this - Perhaps you could do this in other cities besides Santa Barbara?. Anyway, Good job!! — Kyle Shults, Oregon

I'm so glad I discovered this website! As someone who is new to the area and falling in love with it, SBlife has been helpful, informative and entertaining! — Chris Rogers, Goleta

My favorite SB moment is when I've visited the Santa Barbara Mission and learned of it's colorful and unique history. Being a native Californian it means alot to learn my state's history. — Lori Goldstein, Santa Barbara

Great site. I told a friend coming to Santa Barbara to check out your site. It gives info on everything to see and do. — J. Smith, San Luis Obispo

I am a downtown organization volunteer for Santa Barbara and refer to your site regularly for any updates and places to eat, stay, visit and see - Keep up the good work Santa Barbara Life! — Stephanie Torres, Santa Barbara