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Nice site - very unique! One of the better sites I have seen from our area . . . — Jane Town, Santa Barbara

Great website-thanks for the information and the monthly contests-the new layout is a real winner very easy to use — Richard Mosher, Santa Barbara

Harold, I received the gift certificates for Casa Del Mar, Double Dolphin Cruise and dinner at the waterfront and cannot wait to use them ! Thank you so much! I have advised all my friends to check out your fabulous web site and also "take a chance to win". We have relatives visiting in later this year - they too will be surprised to see what Santa Barbara has to offer . — Janet Jensen, Ventura

Found your site on Yahoo . . . . . Pretty cool! — Bobby James, Palm Springs

Santa Barbara is the best! Thank You Santa Barbara for our amazing wedding back in june 99. A local bakery (I forget the name??) made the cake and it was and is still the talk of the wedding. Coming back for a few days to celebrate my husbands birthday. I can't thing of anywhere else that is so romantic! — Pati Castro, Palm Springs

Hi-I'm a UCSB alum and remember a great place "Cold Springs Tavern" but don't remember how to get there. Could you give me information on the location, menu, and reservation procedures? I remember the place being a cabin, with few tables, and many types of game meats. Also, which wine-tasting vineyards do you recommend? Thanks in Advance, Pam Dirnberger — Pam Dirnberger, Thousand Oaks

Very Nice...Do you have info on wineries and Fine Art in your area? — Ann Rice, Santa Cruz

Thank you for sending me gift cards to a couple of local restaurants - I look forward to going. It's especially nice because I'm new in town and it offers me a way to get to know the area. — Kelly Parenzuela, Santa Barbara

This is great! I want to thank you for your valuable information. I want to visit Santa Barbara and have been looking for a guide on where to stay a few days and, of course, where to have a meal. Not just to eat, but a place where you can enjoy the food & the service. Your site provided several options with enough details to do this. In the process I found many other points of interest. What else is a vacation for? I will recomend to my friends whenever they visit your lovely city. — Ebrahim Nuban, Thousand Oaks

sblife - cool! Question: What are some names of some great spas in Santa Barbara? — Jennifer Goldman, Pismo Beach

My husband and I are from Silicon Valley and use your site all the time when planning trips to Southern California . . . Thanks! — Amy Villaneva, San Jose

Some of my fondest memories are visiting friends that live in Santa Barbara and exploring all that the city has to offer: outstanding restaurants, beautiful beaches, interesting sights, and a totally quaint and unique city. Charles Quinn — Charles Quinn, San Luis Obispo

My name is Karien. I am from Holland. I am visiting California soon. I have friends in a place called Ojai. Thanks for your nice site. — Karien Mosser, Holland

Hello. I am looking for the official web site address for the solstice parade. Do they have one? Thank you so much for your help. Regina Wells . . . PS - Love your solstice parade movie! — Shan Wells, Santa Barbara

I enjoy reading the Montecito Journal for the articles, the calendar and the Santa Barbara Life Beachball Contest! It's a great way to learn about what's happening in Montecito. — Ester Snow, Summerland

Hey, this site looks awesome, lots of info and videos too!! I can see you put a lot of effort into this directory - I wish other cities had something like this - Perhaps you could do this in other cities besides Santa Barbara?. Anyway, Good job!! — Kyle Shults, Oregon

Greetings from beautiful Whidbey Island! We’re off the coast of Washington State. Moved here from Santa Barbara 10 years ago. We miss Santa Barbara alot!! Had a house by the mission. We will be down this year. Wanted to touch base and say hi. — Janea Waage, Whidbey Island

Thanks for making me a big winner for the month! I will certainly enjoy the gift certificate to the Natural Cafe because I love their sandwiches. Your website must be well-read because people have called me to congratulate me! — Laura Romero, Santa Barbara

Can you give me the dates of Santa Barbara's Fiesta this year? I think it's the first weekend of August, right? Thanks. And your site is great, too! — Martha Hogarth, Ventura

Great web page! I'm a native son and this is the first time I have visited your site and I'm impressed. Love the movie files!! Keep up the good work! Ron Fisk — Ron Fisk, Santa Barbara

I am looking to move to the Santa Barbara area, although the cost of living is very expensive there. I am looking into Lompoc and Gaviota and was searching for any information on Gaviota - that is how I came to this site. It is nice that you have information on other towns in Santa Barbara County. — Jennifer Proebstel, Ventura

Thank you so much for the wonderful prize!  I really do appreciate it and I love your site. — Lynette Ferarri, Montecito

We are considering traveling to Santa Barbara this Fall. Kindly forward information: Ms. Barbara Ruig - Thanks for all the Santa Barbara info. — Barbara Ruig, Florida

Thanks for picking me as a prize winner! I used my gift certificate to Natural Cafe in Old Town Goleta yesterday and was very pleased with the food and service. Now that I know they have off-street parking in the back, I have plans of returning to try other lunch favorites. (I hear good things!) Once again - Thank you! — Nancy Sherman, Goleta

Enjoying the new layout of the site and all of the wonderful photography displaying the areas of Santa Barbara. I've been using Santa Barbara Life for several years now and the contests are always filled with amazing prizes! — Anna Rowland, Santa Barbara

I just received the November Montecito Journal prize in the mail and was delighted to be a winner! I am fairly new to the SB area so am still learning and discovering the many amazing opportunities available here. I have been wanting to go on a whale watching tour, so I'll totally look forward to doing that soon with the certificates you sent. And I know I'll enjoy Max's Restaurant - love Italian! Thank you so much for this wonderful prize. I never win anything, so I'm thrilled. — Maggie Bleeker, Santa Barbara

Thanks so much for this website..All the videos are great and we enter the contest every month..keep our fingers crossed we hope we win! — Lindsay Perez, Santa Barbara

I have referred visitng friends to Santa Barbara Life to find lodging and restaurants, and it has been very helpful! — Alice Esbenshade, Santa Barbara

Thanks for providing the info on this site. Enjoyed wandering and learning. Fairly new to area and interesting to find what is available that we have not seen. — Dale Wilcox, Carpinteria

Dear Santa Barbara Life and Harold -- How excited I was to be a winner of McConnell's Ice Cream gift cards. Thank you very much for the treat my two friends and and I enjoyed. McConnell's flavors are so refreshing on a hot day ! — Marika Davidek, Santa Barbara