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Hi-I'm a UCSB alum and remember a great place "Cold Springs Tavern" but don't remember how to get there. Could you give me information on the location, menu, and reservation procedures? I remember the place being a cabin, with few tables, and many types of game meats. Also, which wine-tasting vineyards do you recommend? Thanks in Advance, Pam Dirnberger — Pam Dirnberger, Thousand Oaks

Great web page! I'm a native son and this is the first time I have visited your site and I'm impressed. Love the movie files!! Keep up the good work! Ron Fisk — Ron Fisk, Santa Barbara

Hello SBLIFE - Please send me your most recent information on Homes for Sale in Santa Barbara as soon as possible. Thanks Emily Cratty-Painter — Emily Cratty-Painter, Ventura

Hello: Just had an opportunity to look over your webpages and think they're great. I'm writing as the editor and principal of Metro Publishing in Parsippany, NJ. One of our magazines is a bimonthly, Italian Food, Wine & Travel. Of course, we also have a website. I'd like to explore the possibility of linking our sites, especially as it concerns Italian restaurants in the city. If this interests you, can we discuss it further? Thanks for your time. Bob DiLallo - — Bob DiLallo, New Jersey

Wow! Very Nice! My name is Gilles and I run a small catering co. in Tarzana. I will be moving my business to Santa Barbara and was looking at some types of on-line advertising in your area. Please contact me with pricing info. Thanks - Your site looks fantastic!! — Gilles Dirat, Tarzana

Great Site! I am looking for special events to include in a trip for seniors. I am considering New Years. Your Hotel and Restaurant info is helpful - Thanks! — Ann Conger, Santa Cruz

Note from Marianna. Thank you so much for the gift certificate for dinner at Cafe Del Sol - It was the most pleasant suprise of the day! Santa Barbara Life contests are GREAT and I really appreciate the gift. — Marianna Mashek, Santa Barbara

Aloha from Hawaii. I grew up in Santa Barbara and am interested in reading the news and information about my home town. For some reason I have not been able to access the Santa Barbara News Press as I did before. It's nice to see some other SB content-keep up the good work! Thank you for your info. — Carol Ann Patterson, Hawaii

Wow!! What a great idea to get people to come to your site. I had no idea about this great site. I'm so happy my friend sent this to me to enter in the contest. i will past this on to my friends as well. Thank you. Make me a winner!!!! — Brady Charette, Santa Barbara

Dear Mr. Adams - I was pleasently surprised the other day when I opened up my mail and saw that I had just won 2 tix to the SB Museum of Art! I am looking forward to visiting with my husband - Sounds like fun!! — Mary Lewandowski, Santa Barbara

Good afternoon! I thoroughly enjoy your Santa Barbara website. In fact with your permission I'd like to link my wife's Re/Max Real Estate website to the Santa Barbara Life site. In my opinion Santa Barbara Life is the best area website I've seen to date. Congratulations! Lee Burckhardt — Lee Burckhardt, Santa Ynez

I used to be a resident of Ventura and visited your Sunday beach art show quite often. Although I now live in Colorado, my Mother-In-Law just loves a leather bag I got at the SB art show from a lady who sells purses, etc. I would like to contact her and get another one as a gift - any ideas? — Mindee Barker, Ventura

Dear Harold, Thank you so much for the Santa Barbara Life Contests! I've won a couple of times now and you guys are the best in town. I will be sure to continue to tell my friends about :) — Kelley Brymer- Santa Barbara

I am looking to move to the Santa Barbara area, although the cost of living is very expensive there. I am looking into Lompoc and Gaviota and was searching for any information on Gaviota - that is how I came to this site. It is nice that you have information on other towns in Santa Barbara County. — Jennifer Proebstel, Ventura

Hi - Thank you for picking me as a winner for the Educated Car Wash gift certificate! That made my day! — Sylvia Tivadar, Santa Barbara

Dear Santa Barbara Life: We wanted to say THANK-YOU for having sblife and the monthly sweepstakes. As a recent grand prize winner we enjoyed a getaway at the Santa Ynez Inn. The Inn was an absolutely wonderful place to stay! We loved the wine and hors d'oeuvres, evening desserts, gourmet breakfast, whirlpool bath, large-screen TV and beautiful surrounding areas. It was a truly relaxing event for us. We are hoping to spend our anniversaries and special occasions at the Santa Ynez Inn. Thank you for allowing us to experience the luxurious lodging at this unique Inn. — Tom and Lydia Caffrey, San Luis Obispo

Hi - Great stuff here!! I made a bookmark to your site and your short video of the sidewalk chalk festival - iMadonnari. I like to let out of town friends know about the festival (I've had a couple come and visit at that time each year.) We've looked at your site several times and think it's a kick!! Keep it up! — Andrew Teton, Santa Barbara

Thank you . . . . for the passes to the zoo! My 14 year-old son is so excited to go! With me! He has a photography class and we are going to take photos. Just wanted to say thank you for the passes - I love Santa Barbara Life! — Kelley Clay, Santa Barbara

I like the integrative changes you have made and the news area gives quick access to a variety of local news sources - Great Job! — Lane Swartz, Santa Barbara

Dear Harold & Santa Barbara Life: My daughter and I took the sunset cruise we won in April on Sunday night and boy was it ever AWESOME!! Our captain, Dana was a young man who really knew his stuff with sailing...It was a perfect evening to get out on the water and the sun was just going down when we got back to the dock :-) Thank you again for such a great website and all the hard work you do! And of course thank you for the monthly contest and prizes! I will be sending the SB Sailing Center a nice thank you note as well! — Debbie, Santa Barbara

Hello - I will be traveling to California in July and August. Currently I am looking for some condo rental options in your area...Any ideas? — Michelle De Asca, Mexico City

What a surprise! I am taking my kids for McConnell's Ice Cream on my Birthday with the gifts I won on SB LIFE - Thank you sooo much! — Denise Thomas, Santa Barbara

Can you give me the dates of Santa Barbara's Fiesta this year? I think it's the first weekend of August, right? Thanks. And your site is great, too! — Martha Hogarth, Ventura

This is great! I want to thank you for your valuable information. I want to visit Santa Barbara and have been looking for a guide on where to stay a few days and, of course, where to have a meal. Not just to eat, but a place where you can enjoy the food & the service. Your site provided several options with enough details to do this. In the process I found many other points of interest. What else is a vacation for? I will recomend to my friends whenever they visit your lovely city. — Ebrahim Nuban, Thousand Oaks

Nice Site-About how far of a drive is Ojai to Santa Barbara? Ben Rose, Director Chowan County DSS Edenton, NC — Ben Rose, North Carolina

Very Nice...Do you have info on wineries and Fine Art in your area? — Ann Rice, Santa Cruz

I voted u best Santa Barbara website-love the photos in all the sections and I love the Eagle Inn too! — T.L. Goldberg, Santa Barbara

Nice site! Good local info - Can you enter me into your sblife contest please. I enjoy reading all the information on Santa Barbara! Thanks, Kimberly Sutherland — Kimberly Sutherland, Camarillo

Ramada Santa Barbara is my favorite Santa Barbara hotel with its lovely lagoons where you can feed the ducks turtles and koi. — Kether Johnson, Santa Barbara

Dear SBlife - A TSUNAMI of thanks for your great site!! Lots of super info and a great monthly contest. Just received gift certificates to the Paradise Cafe. As a long time local I actually remember it as La Paloma Cafe! Which according to some Santa Barbara history research opened in 1949. I am so thrilled with the Paradise certificates as well as a cruise on the Condor Express. We will extend our greetings to the dolphins on your behalf. — Claudia Guastad, Montecito