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Dear Harold & Santa Barbara Life: My daughter and I took the sunset cruise we won in April on Sunday night and boy was it ever AWESOME!! Our captain, Dana was a young man who really knew his stuff with sailing...It was a perfect evening to get out on the water and the sun was just going down when we got back to the dock :-) Thank you again for such a great website and all the hard work you do! And of course thank you for the monthly contest and prizes! I will be sending the SB Sailing Center a nice thank you note as well! — Debbie, Santa Barbara

This is great! I want to thank you for your valuable information. I want to visit Santa Barbara and have been looking for a guide on where to stay a few days and, of course, where to have a meal. Not just to eat, but a place where you can enjoy the food & the service. Your site provided several options with enough details to do this. In the process I found many other points of interest. What else is a vacation for? I will recomend to my friends whenever they visit your lovely city. — Ebrahim Nuban, Thousand Oaks

Wow! Very Nice! My name is Gilles and I run a small catering co. in Tarzana. I will be moving my business to Santa Barbara and was looking at some types of on-line advertising in your area. Please contact me with pricing info. Thanks - Your site looks fantastic!! — Gilles Dirat, Tarzana

My favorite SB moment is when I've visited the Santa Barbara Mission and learned of it's colorful and unique history. Being a native Californian it means alot to learn my state's history. — Lori Goldstein, Santa Barbara

sblife - cool! Question: What are some names of some great spas in Santa Barbara? — Jennifer Goldman, Pismo Beach

Dear Mr. Adams - A first for me...WOW! Many thanks for the SB Zoo tickets, my grand children will love going. And, rest assured, I will tell all my friends about SBLIFE! Gratefully - Karen — Karen Dillon, Santa Barbara

Lots of very good info here, thanks! — Steve Dadolf, San Diego

I am scheduled to be in Santa Barbara during the last week of March for a seminar at the Four Seasons Biltmore. For financial reasons, I will be unable to stay at the Biltmore for the 10 days that I will be in town. Are there any hotels near the Biltmore that you would recommend? Thanks - Howard — Howard Cleveland, San Diego

I absolutely LOVE your new interface - Looks so professional - Smooth sailing to all on Santa Barbara Life! — C. Zangi Angeli, Santa Barbara

Thank you for sending me gift cards to a couple of local restaurants - I look forward to going. It's especially nice because I'm new in town and it offers me a way to get to know the area. — Kelly Parenzuela, Santa Barbara

Bacara, Bed & Breakfast and ice cream!!! There are so many wonderful things to do here! — Santiago Williams, Santa Barbara

Dear Sirs, I would like to say i enjoy your events calendar. — Benoit Gilles, France

I saw an article on your site in the Pacific Coast Business Times - thought I'd check it out - looks great! P.S. I Just entered your limo contest . . . — Jim Thomas, Santa Barbara

Terrific videos on your site! I found the clips easily, forwarded your web address to several friends. It will be viewed in Wales, UK for sure. I especially love the Summer Solstice parade clip. The motion is inherent in the subject and the myriad of colors caught my eyes. Great job. Well done site. Meryl Wieder — Meryl Wieder, Wales

Just found out about you from someone handing out cards at the SB beach art show. I am a vendor there. A committee is being formed to do advertising for the show, I will be sure to put them in the picture about this lovely local site. — Audrey Cawkwell, Santa Barbara

Dear Santa Barbara Life: Wahoo! Thank you in advance for the overnight stay at Casa Del Mar and the Louie's gift certificates. What a wonderful surprise to be named the winner in this month's SBLIFE Contest! My friends call me the assistant Mayor of Santa Barbara since I am always touting our town's wonderful events, restaurants, museums, beach, mountains and anything else Santa Barbara. Now, with your site, I can send them the link instead of all the separate links I used to do for Solstice, Fiesta and all the other fabulous events we have here. I LOVE my town and could not think of anywhere else I'd like to live, work, or play. — Debbie Garvin, Santa Barbara

Thank you so much for the wonderful prize!  I really do appreciate it and I love your site. — Lynette Ferarri, Montecito

Hello: I lived in Santa Barbara several years ago for about three years...I loved it! It has been my dream to return to Santa Barbara and purchase a condo near the ocean so I can walk once again on that sand! Do you have a listing of condos or real estate info that you might send to me, via e-mail. If so, I look forward to receiving it. Thanks for your help. — Rhonda Pike, Riverside

What a surprise! I am taking my kids for McConnell's Ice Cream on my Birthday with the gifts I won on SB LIFE - Thank you sooo much! — Denise Thomas, Santa Barbara

Thanks for providing such a great resource for locals looking to try something new! — Kelly Carlson, Santa Barbara

Great! I just saw your SB tour movie and it downloaded fast with my cable modem. How did you make the movie - it's soo cute! I congratulate you on a web site that just keeps getting better! — Mary Ostrand, Goleta

Hi! I'm a student in a fourth grade class, and am doing a county report on Santa Barbara. I'm looking for information such as main attractions and sights that families, or single members of a family, would enjoy. I also need information on transportation for visitors coming to your county. The SBLIFE site has some nice information on it - Thank You! Kendra — Kendra Louder, Santa Ynez

Dear Harold, Thanks so much for the gift certificates to Max's Restaurant - We can't wait to eat dinner there! Every time I visit I find new things on SBLIFE - I really like the News Hub addition with a great variety of local sources - You can't find anything else like this in our area - GREAT JOB! — Cindy Scheid, Santa Barbara

I look forward to getting the Montecito Journal paper each week. It keeps me up to date on all the community happenings throughout the year. It's also fun to learn about people who live here and their history. With family attending Westmont College, I thoroughly enjoy reading "Your Westmont" by Scott Craig. I've only recently discovered the website "Santa Barbara Life" and it is equally as fabulous as the newspaper. Thanks to everyone involved for putting out such great products. — Gwen Huenergardt, Montecito

I voted u best Santa Barbara website-love the photos in all the sections and I love the Eagle Inn too! — T.L. Goldberg, Santa Barbara

My husband and I are from Silicon Valley and use your site all the time when planning trips to Southern California . . . Thanks! — Amy Villaneva, San Jose

I love SBLife! It's such a great place to find stuff for the family to do! — Gwyneth Ramirez, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has the best Gelato places, theater and concerts - parasailing...Everything! — Shersey Benson, Santa Barbara

I like the integrative changes you have made and the news area gives quick access to a variety of local news sources - Great Job! — Lane Swartz, Santa Barbara

Enjoying the new layout of the site and all of the wonderful photography displaying the areas of Santa Barbara. I've been using Santa Barbara Life for several years now and the contests are always filled with amazing prizes! — Anna Rowland, Santa Barbara