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Hello-I am Anita from India. I will be visiting Santa Barbara soon...I need details of hotels, studios, accomodation and rates of the same in SB. Can you send details? Thanks Anita. P.S. Know any good restaurants? — Anita Ramin, India

I'm so glad I discovered this website! As someone who is new to the area and falling in love with it, SBlife has been helpful, informative and entertaining! — Chris Rogers, Goleta

My name is Alex Ballentine. I currently live in Austin TX and I'm finishing up my senior year in high school. I would be very much interested in moving to Santa Barbara this summer or next fall to attend classes at Santa Barbara city college. I am interested in Santa Barbara's beautiful parks and beaches. Nice info here-Thank you very much, Alex Ballentine — Alex Ballentine, Texas

Very Nice...Do you have info on wineries and Fine Art in your area? — Ann Rice, Santa Cruz

I am a downtown organization volunteer for Santa Barbara and refer to your site regularly for any updates and places to eat, stay, visit and see - Keep up the good work Santa Barbara Life! — Stephanie Torres, Santa Barbara

Well i went camping there few years ago, we camped by the beach. It was my first time camping and i remenber what a beautiful scenery it was. I had a wonderful time. Marisa Estrada — Marisa Estrada, Oxnard

My husband and I love to visit Santa Barbara every couple of months. He went to school in the area and it's aways a thrill to get away from the busy Orange County life to see your exciting and peaceful town. — Judy Estrin, Orange County

Thanks so much for the ice cream - what a nice suprise and treat - especially on these hot days! You have done such a fantastic job of developing Santa Barbara Life. It has really become a comprehensive local information source. — Gloria Peyrat, Goleta

Dear Santa Barbara Life: We wanted to say THANK-YOU for having sblife and the monthly sweepstakes. As a recent grand prize winner we enjoyed a getaway at the Santa Ynez Inn. The Inn was an absolutely wonderful place to stay! We loved the wine and hors d'oeuvres, evening desserts, gourmet breakfast, whirlpool bath, large-screen TV and beautiful surrounding areas. It was a truly relaxing event for us. We are hoping to spend our anniversaries and special occasions at the Santa Ynez Inn. Thank you for allowing us to experience the luxurious lodging at this unique Inn. — Tom and Lydia Caffrey, San Luis Obispo

Enjoying the new layout of the site and all of the wonderful photography displaying the areas of Santa Barbara. I've been using Santa Barbara Life for several years now and the contests are always filled with amazing prizes! — Anna Rowland, Santa Barbara

We are hosting a wedding dinner for family and out of towners in Santa Barbara. We are looking for a restaurant that could accommodate 40 to 50 people, moderately priced if possible. Can you help us locate a few possibilities, we are from Michigan and not that familiar with the restaurants in SB. The wedding will be at on the beach and most people will be staying there, so we're looking for proximity to the Santa Barbara waterfront. The bride and groom (our son) are from LA. We appreciate any assistance you can offer. Thanks! — Phyllis Lublin, Michigan

Santa Barbara has the best Gelato places, theater and concerts - parasailing...Everything! — Shersey Benson, Santa Barbara

I won 2 tickets to the santa barbara zoo, I took the 2 girls that live next door, one was from mexico and had never been to a was so exciting to see her reaction to all the animals. A beautiful zoo that I have enjoyed since I moved here in 1970's thanks santa barbara life! Barbara — Barbara Daly, Goleta

I enjoy reading the Montecito Journal for the articles, the calendar and the Santa Barbara Life Beachball Contest! It's a great way to learn about what's happening in Montecito. — Ester Snow, Summerland

Hi my name is Nabely Christalin. I live in Boston, MA and I am planning on getting married. I am looking for a wedding orginizer to give me some advice and maybe organize my wedding in your area. If you know the price of a full package please feel free to email - Thanks! — Nabely Christalin, Boston

Hi - Thank you for picking me as a winner for the Educated Car Wash gift certificate! That made my day! — Sylvia Tivadar, Santa Barbara

Thanks so much for the gift certificates from Petrini's and the Santa Barbara Sailing Center. I was surprised to receive them in the mail yesterday. I love using SBLIFE online and reading the Montecito Journal. My wife and friends have been regular advertisers for a while with great results. Keep those presses humming and thanks very much for your thoughtfulness! — Jim King, Montecito

Thank you . . . . for the passes to the zoo! My 14 year-old son is so excited to go! With me! He has a photography class and we are going to take photos. Just wanted to say thank you for the passes - I love Santa Barbara Life! — Kelley Clay, Santa Barbara

Thanks for providing such a great resource for locals looking to try something new! — Kelly Carlson, Santa Barbara

Nice to have this online. We spend much of our retirement time in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Ventura. We feel this is our home away from home. — Rita Walls, Los Angeles

Good morning, I work for the public relations department in Tremblant resort, Quebec. I was looking for Santa Barbara - I'd like to get more information about your area. Thanks in advance - Christian Asselin - Coordonnateur, Relations publiques et communications / Public Relations and Communications Coordinator - Tremblant — Christian Asselin, Canada

My favorite moment in Santa Barbara was during the first year my husband and I were married. We were college kids, living in Orange County. And for Spring break, we decided to stay in a sweet little bed and breakfast in Santa Barbara. We had a WONDERFUL time...the whole city and the surrounding area is so beautiful. I think that my favorite part was probably visiting the mission...there is so much history was so intriguing to walk the halls and imagine what life must have been like way back when. — Joanne Haagenson, Los Angeles

Aloha from Hawaii. I grew up in Santa Barbara and am interested in reading the news and information about my home town. For some reason I have not been able to access the Santa Barbara News Press as I did before. It's nice to see some other SB content-keep up the good work! Thank you for your info. — Carol Ann Patterson, Hawaii

Hello-My name is Livia and I am from Brasil. I'm going live in Santa Barbara in june. I would like to know if it is possible for me play soccer while I'm in Santa Barbara. I've been playing soccer since I was 10-I'm 19 years now. Is there any possibility? Could you help me, or do you know somebody who can help me? Thank you so much for your attention. Sincerily, Livia Nogueira — Livia Nogueira, Brazil

As a former resident of Santa Barbara (and planning my return); I find your site helpful as well as interesting. — Linda Orman, Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Adams: All I can say is WOW! What a delight to open the mail and find a prize instead of a bill. Your site is really growing and the added news page is one more reason for my frequent visits. I will certainly let all my friends and family know about Santa Barbara Life. — Karen Dillon, Santa Barbara

My husband and I are from Silicon Valley and use your site all the time when planning trips to Southern California . . . Thanks! — Amy Villaneva, San Jose

Hi: I am a media planner at an ad agency in New York. My principal client is Sotheby’s auction house. The jewelry expert at Sotheby’s New York is planning a trip to Santa Barbara to provide information regarding consignments. Many thanks for all this info! Erin Matts, Communications Planner, Bouchez Kent & Company, 920 Broadway, New York, NY 10010 — Erin Matts, New York

Lots of very good info here, thanks! — Steve Dadolf, San Diego

Nice Site! I have a question: I've heard a lot about the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference. Could you tell me more about it - when? where? how much? Thanks. — Gail Thornhill, Los Angeles